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Art News – Why Cutting The Arts And Music Funding In Public Schools Is Bad For Society

When I was a kid, I had the gift of being able to study music in public schools (flute and trumpet) for about four years then when I was in high school I took art classes for one year after realizing at the age 0f 17-18 years old that I had an artistic talent.

Thankfully, my artistic talent has been the one thing that I’ve used consistently during my entire life through many jobs, relationships, moves and the different ups and downs of life but the reality is that I would never had learned that I was an artist if I didn’t get the chance to take those first art classes in high school.

Taking art class and finding out that I was an artist opened up a whole new world of experiences to me that I never thought possible and my life has been richer and more fulfilled because of my art.

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Art Classes Are On The Verge Of Extinction In Public Schools

Sadly in today’s world, art and music programs are being eliminated from Public Schools because society has it’s priorities upside down and funding for art, music, and even physical education is being eliminated from schools.

What’s even worse is that instead of having creative or physical activities to express themselves (like kids from my era once did), children today are coming home and plugging in their gaming systems and spending more time in virtual worlds rather than engaging in the real physical world.

American teenagers are not excelling in the arts, and President Donald Trump’s proposed budget cuts will likely make matters worse, experts say.

The most recent results of a wide-ranging national educational assessment known as the Nation’s Report Card left significant room for improvement in the visual arts and music, the National Center for Education Statistics reported Tuesday.

Students scored an average 147 in music and 149 in visual arts on a scale of 300, dipping very slightly from 2008, when the test was last administered. A sample of 8,800 eighth-grade students from public and private schools participated in the 2016 National Assessment of American Progress, which evaluates comprehension based on a series of questions and original work. 

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In today’s world more kids are gaming instead of creating. We need to change that!

What Happens If Art Classes Are Eliminated Completely?

It’s hard to imagine a world where art programs don’t exist in public schools but such a world could become a reality if parents don’t rise up and raise their voice about eliminating an important part of children’s lives.

I can’t imagine what it would be like not being able to study art in school because art, music, and creative writing all work together to shape our children into the people that they are going to become.

If the arts continue to be on the chopping block in the school system it’s up to parents to make creativity a priority in their homes and make creating something, anything a priority rather than letting their children slide into gaming every night after they do their homework.

I’m not opposed to gaming since I enjoy gaming (even at the age of 42), and I have three children who enjoy tablet based games as well. My wife and I have learned to prioritize what should be important for our kids and have made traditional experiences like creativity, reading, and physical interaction a priority in our home rather than letting our kids play their games for hours at a time.

I know that life is tough in this day and age for just about everyone but I feel that we shouldn’t let what’s happening in the world stop us as parents and adults from eliminating things like art and music education from the lives of our children because they may very well grow up without having art or music in their lives and the world will be a far worse place because of it.

What’s your opinion on arts funding in the public schools? Feel free to leave me a comment below!


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