My Favorite Artists – Thomas Kinkade’s “Other” Artwork

During his lifetime Thomas Kinkade was known as the “painter of light” because his artistic style was instantly recognizable and his work attracted a lot of fans once he began developing his artwork into a worldwide brand that saw his paintings on calendars, prints, bookmarks and pretty much everything else in between.

Once an artist climbs to the “top of the mountain” of the art world like Kinkade did there really is nowhere else for them to go so for Thomas Kinkade the solution to the next step in his art career was to start painting “other” artwork under an assumed name so that he could branch off from his signature style.

Kinkade’s other work was Impressionism, he developed a passion for the style while traveling through France and he started painting Impressionist style paintings under the name Robert Girrard because his patrons probably wouldn’t have understood why he was dabbling in Impressionism when his regular artwork was already so widely popular.

Image credit – Thomas Kinkade Gallery

Passion For Impressionism

Kinkade painted under the name Robert Girrard for about 6 years, this gave him the freedom to explore a new style while still remaining true to his signature style which had developed into a global brand.

Much like Garth Brooks becoming Chris Gaines for a while, his Impressionist style paintings are masterful and clearly show how skilled of an artist he really was, especially when you view the seascapes that he painted as “Robert Girrard”, it’s really hard to tell the difference between a Monet and Girrard painting unless you analyze both paintings.

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An Artist Gone Too Soon

Sadly, like many artists, musicians and creative people who experience a huge success early in their lives, Thomas Kinkade’s life ended too soon. He passed away in 2012 at the age of 54 and is survived by his wife and children.

Like Bob Ross and other art celebrities, his legacy lives on and you can still find his artwork mass marketed around the world in a wide variety of art products and collectibles.

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