We Offer Painting in round rock and The Surrounding Area

We Offer Painting in round rock and The Surrounding Area

I’m a self taught Round rock artist and since I’m now in my mid-40’s this means that I’ve been an artist for half my life but I’ve not been a full time artist like most people, I’m a business owner, happily married and I have 3 children so my life is busy to say the least but I always find the time to work on my artwork because it’s something that I love.

Art has been with me through the ups and downs in my life, through dozens of moves, multiple states, jobs, broke, not broke, and everything else in between.

My hope for this website is that you will get a chance to know me, join my email list, maybe buy a print or two and of course some original artwork. I also would love to connect with gallery owners in the world who see potential in my work and would love to hang it in their galleries. 🙂


When I first started painting in the early 1990’s my Round rock artwork was more abstract back then because it was a style that I enjoyed painting in but since then I would define my work as abstract / realism because as you can see from the picture of this page I love color, shape and design but you can still understand what you’re looking at.

Since starting a family I’ve done a lot work in oil pastel since this has by far been the easiest medium to work in but I’ve also done plenty of drawings and created artwork using crayons too especially since I enjoy sitting down with my children to create art whenever I can.

I believe that if you’re passionate about something and committed to it you will continue with that thing that you love. This is how my Round rock art is to me and I hope you find something that you’re passionate about too, something that gets you up from your bed in the morning.

Learn more about my work by viewing my gallery here or by calling me at (254) 350-1433.