Art History – Paul Cezanne The “Forgotten” Master Of Modern Art

In an age where Vincent Van Gogh’s name is often mentioned when either the casual art lover or art historian is asked about influential artists, Paul Cezanne is never mentioned. Why? Van Gogh had a more dramatic story that’s been written about and turned into movies while Cezanne is only known to art historians or people who are passionate about art and want to know more about the great artists from the last 200 years.

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About Paul Cezanne

Paul Cezanne was born in 1839 in Provence France to wealthy parents who wanted him to become a banker when he grew up.

Cezanne knew early on in life that he wanted to be an artist and he eventually followed the wishes of his best friend Emile Zola and left for Paris to establish himself as an artist.

Once he made the choice for his life, Cezanne’s father ultimately supported his decision to become a painter and the artist had the emotional / financial stability that Van Gogh sadly lacked during his life.

Cezanne literally is one of the most important artists from the last 200 years because his life as an artist literally started just as Impressionism was beginning. He inadvertently became an Impressionist for a while although he was radically different than Monet and Pissaro because he didn’t want to hang out with the other Impressionists when he could be out in nature painting.

I can personally relate to Cezanne because like him I would rather be creating artwork on a daily basis instead of marketing or doing other things related to my artwork. I realized a while back that those “other things” like marketing are important building blocks for an artists career and I’ve since devoted more time to marketing my artwork, networking and doing things to get “out there” as an artist rather than stuffing my work into a portfolio.

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Father Of Modern Art

Following the death of his father, Cezanne received 400,000 francs from his fathers estate which enabled him to settle down and become financially stable for the first time in his life while other artists were still struggling financially.

The financial stability also enabled Cezanne to explore new techniques and ways of painting which helped him to ultimately leave the confines of Impressionism and develop his own style of art that can only be defined as the beginning of modern art.

For the last 20 years of his life Cezanne was able to become the artist that he wanted to be and developing his signature style also involved spending hundreds of hours outside painting landscapes including his beloved Mont Sainte Victoire.

In his studio, his work was pure genius, he painted dozens of wonderful still life’s portraits and other paintings that defined his art career.

Sadly, towards the end of his life his work was mocked by the establishment in France but he continued working until the day he died at the age of 67.

Following his death, Modern artists like Matisse, Picasso and Braque showered Cezanne’s work with praise, labeling him as the “father of us all” or the father of modern art because his work was literally the stepping stone that led to the Modern Art of the 20th Century that we know and love.

To learn more about Paul Cezanne, watch the video below, Google his name or visit Aix-En Provence France to see the countryside that he knew and loved.

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