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Robert Wyland – World Renown Muralist And Ocean Conservationist

Robert Wyland – World Renown Muralist And Ocean Conservationist

One of my favorite artists and hero’s in 2019 is Robert Wyland, a world renown muralist, and ocean conservationist. Also known as Wyland, he’s well-known for his whaling wall murals which he’s painted around the world in just about every imaginable location from Laguna Beach, […]

Jaime Sabartes – The Brains Behind Pablo Picasso

Jaime Sabartes – The Brains Behind Pablo Picasso

In the 21st Century, just about everyone knows the name Pablo Picasso because he was one of the most influential artists of the last century but the success of Picasso and the longevity of his name can also be traced to the hard work of […]

Should Artists Stay Up All Night? Yes And No.

Should Artists Stay Up All Night? Yes And No.

For centuries, most artists have been known for staying up all night painting, drawing, and working on their artwork instead of sleeping or spending time with their families. This is to be expected because, creativity is essentially like a “muse” in a way and when an artist is inspired to create artwork they shouldn’t hesitate to create but they also have to keep in mind the importance of sleep and rest.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I’m very passionate about artwork and that passion also comes from spending many happy hours staying up into the “wee hours” of the morning creating work when I could have been sleeping.

Many of the years that I spent staying up late working on my art were spent from my late teens into my 30’s but as I grew older I realized that I was actually robbing myself of the rest and “regeneration” from sleep that I could have been getting by going to bed at normal times during my early years rather than staying up so late.

The Importance Of Sleep

From my late teens through my 30’s I didn’t think twice about staying up until 2:00 am or later during week nights or weekends especially if it meant that I could spend that time working on my artwork.

Staying up late to work on art has been great for me because I wake up knowing that I spent good constructive time painting or drawing but I also wake up tired and I spend the next day feeling slightly exhausted because I essentially “robbed” my body of it’s normal sleep patterns.

Some people will tell you that sleep isn’t that important, or “I’ll sleep when I’m dead“, but the reality is that sleep is a crucial part of our bodies program for repairing themselves.

Recently, I found out some interesting facts about sleep:

  • Not enough sleep, or poor sleep can actually lead to weight gain.
  • Poor sleep can lead to heart disease and even stroke.
  • Bad sleep can lead to problems with the immune system and a variety of other problems.
  • Sleep problems can lead to high cases of inflammation in the body and emotional issues. 
Pablo Picasso was well-known for his habit of staying up all night to work on his art. (Image credit – Encyclopedia Britannica)

Sleep Is An Artists Best Friend And Can Be An Artists Enemy

As an artist I don’t regret the hours spent over the years staying up late at night because I created many paintings and drawings during those late night art sessions doing something that I enjoyed but I still can’t deny that I should have been getting normal sleep during those years.

At the age of 42 I’ve learned that my body needs at least 6 hours of sleep per night so that I can function like a human being the next day or else I feel like a “zombie” and have to nuke myself with coffee to stay awake. 🙁

I’m doing better about getting more sleep at night while still creating artwork because I’ve made my art a priority in my life and I choose to work on it as much as possible during the nights when I’m hanging out with my beautiful wife and kids.

For younger artists, I would encourage them to make sleep a priority, especially if they are under the age of 30, especially men because their brains don’t actually stop developing until about the age of 30 so getting enough sleep each night does have a positive effect.

What are your thoughts about sleep? Feel free to leave me a comment below!



George Braque – Picasso’s BFF During The Cubism Years

George Braque – Picasso’s BFF During The Cubism Years

It’s been over 100 years since the beginning of cubism and the world hasn’t been the same since thanks to the hard work of Pablo Picasso and George Braque, Picasso’s BFF during the Cubism period. Both artists were BFF’s because they would paint during the […]

Do artists really need to go to art school? Nope

Do artists really need to go to art school? Nope

Ah art school, I’m a fan of it just like any other artist but the big question is does someone need to go to art school if they really want to consider themselves to be an artist? I don’t think so. Art is something that […]

Paul Cezanne The “Forgotten” Master Of Modern Art

Paul Cezanne The “Forgotten” Master Of Modern Art

In an age where Vincent Van Gogh’s name is often mentioned when either the casual art lover or art historian is asked about influential artists, Paul Cezanne is never mentioned. Why? Van Gogh had a more dramatic story that’s been written about and turned into movies while Cezanne is only known to art historians or people who are passionate about art and want to know more about the great artists from the last 200 years.

Paul Cezanne
Image credit – overstockArt.com

About Paul Cezanne

Paul Cezanne was born in 1839 in Provence France to wealthy parents who wanted him to become a banker when he grew up.

Cezanne knew early on in life that he wanted to be an artist and he eventually followed the wishes of his best friend Emile Zola and left for Paris to establish himself as an artist.

Once he made the choice for his life, Cezanne’s father ultimately supported his decision to become a painter and the artist had the emotional / financial stability that Van Gogh sadly lacked during his life.

Cezanne literally is one of the most important artists from the last 200 years because his life as an artist literally started just as Impressionism was beginning. He inadvertently became an Impressionist for a while although he was radically different than Monet and Pissaro because he didn’t want to hang out with the other Impressionists when he could be out in nature painting.

I can personally relate to Cezanne because like him I would rather be creating artwork on a daily basis instead of marketing or doing other things related to my artwork. I realized a while back that those “other things” like marketing are important building blocks for an artists career and I’ve since devoted more time to marketing my artwork, networking and doing things to get “out there” as an artist rather than stuffing my work into a portfolio.

Paul Cezanne art
Image credit – PicassoMio

Father Of Modern Art

Following the death of his father, Cezanne received 400,000 francs from his fathers estate which enabled him to settle down and become financially stable for the first time in his life while other artists were still struggling financially.

The financial stability also enabled Cezanne to explore new techniques and ways of painting which helped him to ultimately leave the confines of Impressionism and develop his own style of art that can only be defined as the beginning of modern art.

For the last 20 years of his life Cezanne was able to become the artist that he wanted to be and developing his signature style also involved spending hundreds of hours outside painting landscapes including his beloved Mont Sainte Victoire.

In his studio, his work was pure genius, he painted dozens of wonderful still life’s portraits and other paintings that defined his art career.

Sadly, towards the end of his life his work was mocked by the establishment in France but he continued working until the day he died at the age of 67.

Following his death, Modern artists like Matisse, Picasso and Braque showered Cezanne’s work with praise, labeling him as the “father of us all” or the father of modern art because his work was literally the stepping stone that led to the Modern Art of the 20th Century that we know and love.

To learn more about Paul Cezanne, watch the video below, Google his name or visit Aix-En Provence France to see the countryside that he knew and loved.

P.S. = If you like the content that you’re reading on this website leave me a comment or if there’s an artist you would like me to write about feel free to contact me anytime through this blog!

Thomas Kinkade’s “Other” Artwork

Thomas Kinkade’s “Other” Artwork

During his lifetime Thomas Kinkade was known as the “painter of light” because his artistic style was instantly recognizable and his work attracted a lot of fans once he began developing his artwork into a worldwide brand that saw his paintings on calendars, prints, bookmarks […]

RIP: Sister Wendy

RIP: Sister Wendy

Way back in the 1990’s it was a good time to be a young artist because there was inspiration everywhere, especially in film and television thanks to TV shows like Bob Ross’s The Joy of Painting and Sister Wendy’s Grand Tour. Sister Wendy’s show was […]

Bob Ross – His Secret Power Wasn’t His Fro, It Was This..

Bob Ross – His Secret Power Wasn’t His Fro, It Was This..

Bob Ross is without a doubt one of the most well-known artists of the 21st Century because he’s instantly recognizable thanks to his iconic “fro” that set him apart from other artists in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

His television show “The Joy Of Painting” ran for 11 years on PBS and was shown in the United States, Europe and Canada.

His “secret power” wasn’t his afro, it was his ability to show people how easy painting really is and he encouraged millions of people around the world to pick up a paint brush and start painting even if they thought they had no talent for art.

His show also provided me with inspiration in the early 1990’s when I was getting started with art and trying to figure out my own style as an artist. Even though I was a young artist in my late teens, I tuned in and looked forward to watching PBS and learn more about oil painting by watching a guy who was obviously very good at it.

Image credit – Twitter

About His Painting Technique

Ross’s painting technique is known as “wet on wet”. With this method of painting the artist continues applying one layer of paint onto another instead of setting the canvas aside to dry.

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most well-known artists who used the wet on wet technique. If you study his canvases its easy to see the layers of paint on them that he used to create his iconic works.

I personally have used the wet on wet method on many paintings over the years, it requires patience because if you don’t know when to walk away from a wet on wet painting it’s possible to mess it up and destroy some aspect of the painting that was actually really good.

Ross painted three versions of almost every painting featured on his show. The first was painted prior to taping, and sat on an easel, off-camera, during filming, where Ross used it as a reference to create the second copy—the one viewers actually watched him paint. After filming the episode, Ross painted a third, more detailed version for inclusion in his instructional books.

Bob Ross The Master Marketer

If you ask any artist about Bob Ross they will express some degree of disdain for his works because most artists think that his style of art looks too easy or more like something that their grandma’s would paint but the reality is that Ross was a master marketer and managed to build a multi-million dollar business empire that still continues to produce revenue after his death.

Ross managed to build a great business model that included books, art supplies and a variety of other products after having a 20 year career in the Air Force as a Master Sergeant.

Any artist (myself included) who wants longevity in the art world would be smart to study Bob Ross and learn from his successes as an artist because artists today have to also be marketers and branch out into other areas like Ross did if they want long term success.

Sadly, Bob Ross died in 1994 at the age of 52 but he lives on virtually since you can find episodes of his television show online (see below) including his books and other related products.

What are your thoughts on Bob Ross? Leave me a comment below!



Action – The One Thing That Some Artists Are Lacking

Action – The One Thing That Some Artists Are Lacking

Lack of action is one of the biggest problems that most artists deal with because, we get a great idea in our heads for the perfect drawing, painting or sculpture but then that idea fades away because we didn’t do anything with it. Being an […]