Art Wisdom – Do artists really need to go to art school? Nope

Ah art school, I’m a fan of it just like any other artist but the big question is does someone need to go to art school if they really want to consider themselves to be an artist? I don’t think so. Art is something that people who consider themselves to be artists should be creating (regardless if they go to art school or not) because there are plenty of people out there in the world today who have art degrees but they are working in jobs that they actually hate.

When To Go To Art School

Art school shouldn’t be a do or die situation for an artist, it should be something that an artist attends if they are serious about improving on their skill and want to become a better artist. If someone already knows that they are an artist, they should be focusing on creating artwork because it’s the actual work that will ultimately define the artist after that individual is dead, not their time in art school.

What Artists Really Should Be Studying 

Instead of art school, what an artist really should be studying is sales and marketing because, someone can create the best artwork in the entire world but if nobody is seeing the work or buying it then that artists work is basically never going to go anywhere.

Where should an artist study sales and marketing? Thankfully, these days with the Internet there are a wide variety of ways for an artist to learn sales and marketing from video training on YouTube, home study courses and other training programs that they can use to learn how to get started with marketing and selling their work.

If you’re going to art school right now, don’t give up, it’s best to finish what you started. If you’re someone who is already creating artwork and wondering if you should go to art school, save your money, keep creating artwork while you focus on learning marketing and sales because these two skills will help you to actually start selling your artwork. 

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